Terms of Service

(A.K.A. What You Need To Know Before You Purchase)

How It Works

Once you purchase the cover or series of covers, I’ll send you the ebook cover with your title and name on it so you can use it as inspiration while writing. This may take up to a few days after purchase if it’s during one of the big cover sales.

When you have your book’s formatting done, you can send me the page count and what printer you’re working with (and any additional info I’ll need) so I can download their template and size your cover to fit your book. Please note, if I’m doing your formatting for you, I’ll already have most of this information.

If you would like to combine your cover and formatting with me, I’m happy to create a custom interior that matches the elements on your cover for a cohesive look with the title page, chapter headers, and scene dividers as part of your package.

You’ll receive your files back with some instructions on best uploading practices. Ta da, you’re ready to print your book.

What Is Included In Your Purchase

Authors/publishers who purchase a premade or custom cover are granted permission to use imagery for the cover of the book and in promotional materials for the book. All files will be received in flattened version (jpeg and pdf) and ready for print in the proper file settings the printer requests. Imagery can only be edited by the designer, no exceptions will be made, even if small.

All purchases come with both a full paperback wrap and ebook. Hardcover dust jacket can be purchased for an additional $25. If you’re only looking for an ebook cover, you will still have access to a paperback cover at a last time, but cost is flat fee whether or not you opt to use the paperback option.

How To Have Changes To Cover Made

All changes must be made by the designer.

With premade covers, you can have the title, tagline, author name, and blurb swapped out. The publisher’s logo and ISBN can also be added. Any additional changes desired must be discussed beforehand and will be subject to an hourly fee to accommodate the time it takes to make the changes agreed upon.

Custom covers come with two complimentary tweaks after the initial cover is made. Anything after that is subject to an hourly fee to accommodate the time it takes to make the changes.

Should you need the cover resized or to change a logo on the cover, please contact the designer to have it changed, subject to an hourly fee.

Please note, if it’s a small change, any unused time can be used later on (ex: if it only takes 5 minutes, you won’t have to pay for your next five minute tweak until you’ve used the time you’ve paid for as long as it’s done within three months of initial payment)

Who Owns The Rights To The Cover

With covers, authors/publishers are buying the rights to print/use the covers in relation to the books. Covers can be used to promote books online, on banners, on promotional graphics, etc

Only the author/publisher holds this permission and it cannot be transferred to another entity without written permission from the designer. For example: If an author purchases the rights to use a cover and then sells their book to a publisher, they can’t give away the cover to the publisher without written consent from the designer. I don’t mind transferring it over at no cost, but the new users will need to sign a contract saying the understand the permissions granted to them by the designer before they can use it. If a publisher is giving rights back to an author, the author will have to sign the contract agreeing to the terms of use before they can use the cover, again at no cost. If book needs to be resized to accommodate new back matter, there will be the usual hourly fee to tweak the files.

All work belongs to owners/designers/photographers, etc and copyright does not transfer to authors/publishers, but printing and use permission does. This applies to most book covers, premade or custom, from any designer unless the author/publisher pays extra to own the image copyright. For example, I do not own the copyright to any stock images I use—I only have use rights/permission. I do, however, own the copyright to the images I shoot from my own photography business. Authors/publishers have use rights/permissions, but do not own copyright of the imagery they use on their covers unless they specifically pay for that (usually thousands of dollars)

How To Transfer Cover To Another User

If you are transferring the cover to another author/publisher, please contact me and I’ll send over the new contract to be signed by the new party. Transferring a cover over is free of charge, but new party must agree to terms before they can use it, otherwise permission to use thee imagery is only granted to the person who paid for use of the cover.

By purchasing use of these premade or custom-made covers, you agree to all terms of service. If you have questions, please direct them to info@coveraday.com


Email info@coveraday.com to talk about your custom-made cover that fits your book and characters perfectly and get a quote today! Most covers are done within a few week (usually less) even if a custom photoshoot involved!

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